Access Family Physicians

Modern medicine. Traditional doctor-patient relationships.

We’re reinventing the hometown doctor experience with the patient’s needs placed first.

How We’re Different

At Access Family Physicians, we’ve undertaken a new approach to the practice of medicine designed to recapture the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship. By relying on an independent fee-for-service model and cutting out the inefficiencies and red tape of insurance, we create a higher quality medical experience at a reduced cost.

On Time

On Time

No excessive waits to see your doctor.

On Your Time

Your Time

We know it’s valuable; we won’t waste it.

Enough Time

Enough Time

Real, unrushed conversations with your doctor.

Dr. Sarah Lynley Rader

About Your Doctor

Dr. Sarah Lynley Rader founded Access Family Physicians because she had a vision to redefine the family doctor experience. It would incorporate the most modern medical practices, but uphold traditional doctor-patient relationships. They would put the patient’s needs first and cut out the red tape of insurance by employing an independent fee-for-service model.

In short, Dr. Rader’s goal is to provide medical care that is accessible, personal and affordable.

Meet Dr. Rader


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